Today I am excited to announce that Postano has been acquired by Sprinklr.

When we launched Postano in 2011, we set out to make the very best fan engagement platform for brands powered by user generated content. Over the years, we continued to build out our platform by introducing new products and features like Command Center, Shoppable Posts, native iOS and Android curation apps, Stay Alive technology, Hashtag Analytics, and many more. Today, more than 200 brands like Michael Kors, Time, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the L.A. Kings trust us to help them create truly amazing fan experiences on every screen, from mobile apps to Times Square. Continue reading

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There is no other day like Superbowl Sunday for marketers and this year’s was no different as we gathered around the TV (and now computers, tablets, & mobile phones) to watch and judge the most expensive commercials of the year.

Hashtags have become the defacto call-to-actions for these $5 million ads so we at Postano decided to track all the hashtags & create a microsite, the #BrandBowl, to see which ads resonated with TV watchers the most. Continue reading

custom emojis

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When Twitter launched Hashflags aka Twitter custom emojis for the 2010 World Cup, it was seen as a cute gimmick. It didn’t seem that extraordinary. Before emojis were as common and popular as they are today, Twitter essentially inserted an existing and known emoji for the author when they used the country code in the form of a hashtag. Twitter reprised its use four years later for the 2014 World Cup. Continue reading


2015 seemed to be the year of the social media campaign. Whether it was Snapchat, memes, Periscope, emojis, UGC, or gifs, brands took to social media in force this year to power their marketing campaigns.

Here’s a look at 15 of our favorite social media campaigns from 2015:

Continue reading

twitter debate case study
At Postano, we love partnering with world-changing companies and are always excited to combine forces to create amazing social experiences. Take a look at how the Twitter Politics team leveraged the Postano Platform to visualize social data and surface trends at the Democratic Presidential Debate.


As a partner of the second Democratic Presidential Debate, the Twitter Politics team (@gov) wanted to enrich the debate viewing experience and engage voters like never before. Twitter already is the de facto place for sharing ideas and creating conversations around politics, but their team had been waiting for a moment like this to take it even further and fully integrate Twitter into the live broadcast, analysis, and the debate itself. Continue reading

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