The Minor League Baseball team, the Hillsboro Hops won the Northwest League Championship in 2014 and so far in 2015 they are the season first-half title winners for the second consecutive season. In addition to being baseball champs, the Hillsboro Hops are social media champs by continually thinking outside the box to improve fan engagement with their unique and all-encompassing social strategy, one that any team can learn from. Continue reading


Years ago during a hackathon event, my friends and I built a game application based on Street Fighter II that used Twitter information and Klout scores. My friends and I had been working with a lot of social data at that time and we were fascinated with “gamification”. The word was overused, but the idea of finding a way to create suspense and add drama to data discovery was interesting. Continue reading

Brands On Instagram

Instagram has been embraced as a great marketing tool by just about every brand or business. If a company runs their account effectively, their Instagram page can be used as a tool to draw in new customers, make people feel loyal to the brand, or even excite existing customers about the product again. There are many benefits of a good Instagram account and many companies are trying to incorporate unique strategies to their Instagram account to separate themselves from their competitors. Continue reading

Successful Social Media Campaigns

Summer is a great time for brands to launch creative initiatives. Without the frenzy of Black Friday or holiday season, summer is the perfect down time to produce compelling social media campaigns.

This summer we’ve seen some great concepts from brands and communities around the world. Here are some social media campaigns that have shown fresh perspectives on utilizing social media and user generated content to tell a story. Continue reading

Top Social Media Brands

At this point, being on social media as a brand isn’t just a passing fad. If your brand or company isn’t active on social media, you’re missing one of the most interactive and cost-effective ways to connect with your fans.

However, being a social media powerhouse goes beyond establishing a handle and a hashtag. To be truly compelling, this takes some planning and intention. Here are 5 great social savvy brands to emanate in both your next campaign, and overall social strategy.

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Essence Festival

It is becoming commonplace and even expected for large events to have a dedicated hashtag or associated twitter feed. Commonplace to the point that if an event doesn’t have a hashtag already picked out, attendees at the event will almost always organically create one. In addition to hashtags and social media streams, what are the other best practices that go into making an event a truly social event?

When asking that question, one event in particular comes to mind: Essence Fest. Put on by ESSENCE Magazine, Essence Festival is actually the largest, most social, live event in the United States and happens each year over the 4th of July weekend. This free event is chalk full of education, entertainment, giveaways, contests, celebrity involvement – whether it’s keynote speeches, interviews, performances – it’s family-friendly and even some peoples’ only vacation the entire year. To attend is amazingly overwhelming and non-stop.

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Periscope Social Media Displays

We are very excited to announce the latest integration in the Postano Platform: Periscope, the live-streaming app by Twitter. This first-of-its-kind integration allows brands to aggregate Periscope live streams and display them on videoboards of any size.

The technology debuted at the Information Display and Entertainment Association (IDEA) Conference, the annual conference for the game operations and event entertainment industry in Seattle at Safeco Field. In a demo of the new technology, we broadcasted a live Periscope stream from the field and displayed it in a branded visualization on the massive videoboard at Safeco Field. Continue reading

Sports Social Media Campaigns

The sports industry has been a pioneer in the adoption of social media as a way to communicate with their devoted fans in a whole new way. Whether its giving inside access, getting closer to the players and personalities, or using social networks to create positive social change, social media has made a huge impact on the world of sports marketing.

Check out these 6 campaigns that embraced social media in new ways: Continue reading

Social Media Walls

Social media walls are popping up everywhere as grounding showpieces at events, brand headquarters and stadiums displaying user-generated content. Social walls drive content interaction, function as a conversation starter and improve engagement. They have endless possibilities, styles and functions and provide a wall of sheer social beauty.

Here are ten ultra-creative social walls that are definitely social and definitely sharable.

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