SXSW 2015

SXSW is an amazing conference full of informative panels and incredible keynote speakers, but a majority of the value in attending comes from networking at special events and industry parties throughout downtown Austin. And no event or party in 2015 is complete without integrating social media.

Bring your SXSW party to life with a Postano social media display.

Every attendee will be competing to create the best tweets, photos, and selfies to get their content onto a social display, all the while promoting your brand and event. Continue reading

successful instagram campaigns

Instagram is one of the hottest visual image social media channels. Instagram campaigns have been very popular over the last year for brands to increase brand awareness and social reach. However, it is a relatively new medium for brands to dip into, so it can be uncharted territory for many social media teams.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Instagram campaigns of 2014 and put together some tips from the common elements in each of the successful marketing efforts. Continue reading

social action sports

The grit, grunge, and outcast motif around action sports have long since washed away, leaving an evolving market of commercially viable branding, pitching, and sponsorship opportunities. Exposure is no longer hard to come by, and the argument about how viable these sports are has long since been settled.

In a lot of ways, the action sports scene has adapted to the 21st century social media more quickly and effectively than the old, tried and true sports. Not surprisingly, certain trend setters have set the tone, and continue to define the trend in social media and marketability. Continue reading

14 best Instagram Campaigns 2014

This year social-savvy companies and brands really stepped up their marketing initiatives on Instagram. Our favorite photo sharing app can be harnessed for so much more than posting pictures of your cat or lunch.

Brands that are strategically engaged on Instagram have an instantly accessible platform to share personality and creativity and are in turn immersed in their fans daily lives. This brought many well thought out and innovative brand campaigns specifically on Instagram. Continue reading

14 best Selfie Campaigns 2014

By now, we’re all well acquainted with the selfie. That ubiquitous, unique Internet phenomenon of taking a picture of yourself to share with everyone else. A trend so prevalent, it was named word of the year in 2013. So important, that cell phone manufacturers had to add a second lens to their camera phones for proper framing.

Selfies aren’t just limited to the average avid Instagram user, either. Beyonce Knowles has taken selfies with fans, mid-performance, Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has snagged a quick selfie with President Barack Obama, and we’ve even seen selfies from the International Space station. We’ve come a long way from the humble roots of Myspace and clunky digital cameras. So long, in fact, that now brands must get in on the act, and show love to their fans by allowing those fans to love themselves. Continue reading

Holiday marketing Campaigns

During the holiday season, marketers have to step up their game. This time of year, spending is on the rise, and the public is on the prowl for products that will catch their attention.

In the United States, the average consumer is expected to purchase $804 worth of goods this holiday season. On Black Friday alone, shoppers spent more than $1.5 billion online.

To cash in on the spending frenzy, brands need to stand out by creating great holiday marketing campaigns. Consumers are being pummeled with holiday-themed advertisements left and right this time of year, so it’s important to figure out what can truly make a brand different. Continue reading


User-generated content (UGC) comes in many forms including, but not limited to blog posts, tweets, blog comments, forum posts, Instagram photos, podcasts, product reviews, social media updates, Vine videos, and YouTube videos. UGC has the power to market your brand without your brand having to toot its own horn.

Here are 10 tweetable takeaways about user-generated content from the 2014 Social Influence whitepaper by Ipsos Media CT. Continue reading

social media for stadiums

Sports enthusiasts are some of the most dedicated and loyal fans of brands. The thousands of pieces of content that sports fans at games and each day are full of great sentiment and incredible imagery. All of this amazing content creates the perfect opportunity in stadiums and arenas for teams and sports marketers to put fan stories in the spotlight. Social media visualizations can be displayed on jumbotrons, in concourses, or throughout the venues to highlight and encourage great fan interaction. Check out some of our favorite visualizations for the in-game fan experience. Continue reading


Supercross is the original extreme sport, dating back to 1974. For many fans, the sport is a way of life that becomes a part of their calendar, as they follow the shows and tours throughout the year. For Supercross, the Monster Energy Cup is the premiere sporting event at the culmination of the season, bringing the top riders in the world together in one place. This grand finale in the eleven-month season consists of different races, food, and fan festival areas all in celebration of the sport. 

One of the biggest champions of Supercross is Feld Entertainment, an event production company that’s been working with the Supercross family for years. Feld owns the exclusive rights to the Monster Energy Cup, and works to create incredible fan experiences throughout the entire Supercross tour. Continue reading

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