twitter debate case study
At Postano, we love partnering with world-changing companies and are always excited to combine forces to create amazing social experiences. Take a look at how the Twitter Politics team leveraged the Postano Platform to visualize social data and surface trends at the Democratic Presidential Debate.


As a partner of the second Democratic Presidential Debate, the Twitter Politics team (@gov) wanted to enrich the debate viewing experience and engage voters like never before. Twitter already is the de facto place for sharing ideas and creating conversations around politics, but their team had been waiting for a moment like this to take it even further and fully integrate Twitter into the live broadcast, analysis, and the debate itself. Continue reading


In the dark, primitive days of the internet, when we still had to type “www.” and wondered why we could hear the 56k modem connect even when the computer’s volume was muted, chat rooms and emails used a shorthand called “emoticons” to express simple emotions like smiles and frowns. As we’ve come to know, all things evolve, especially on the internet.

Emoticons brought about Emojis, or small, simplistic pictures that can be used beside or in place of traditional letters and characters. Often times they come in a full keyboard configuration.

Use of emojis has been relentless the past few years, and they’ve become a ubiquitous part of the internet and social media. Branded content has adopted Emojis in some surprising ways in efforts to stay relevant, connect and simply have a little fun with their followers. Continue reading

DOOH Advertising

Digital Out Of Home marketing campaigns are gaining prominence throughout the globe. Also known as DOOH, they allow for brands to access consumers on the go and showcase their products in interactive fashions.

Whether they appear on billboards, in the back of taxis, with product displays in stores, or amongst areas where there is high-foot traffic, DOOH ads have the power to draw consumers in and make them more interested in brands.

To further increase engagement with prospects, brands are integrating social media into these digital out of home ads. Let’s take a look at the top six ways that they’re getting the most of these campaigns. Continue reading


Next to creating great music, social media has become one of the biggest ways musicians are being discovered. A great social media strategy can propel a musician to new levels and activate a fan base like no other. Just posting content is not enough though, musicians need to get creative with their social campaigns and try something new. Continue reading

social media mascots

Every sports team has a mascot who makes their presence felt during home games. Some mascots have even taken to social media to share their great energy and personalities even when fans aren’t in the stadium with them. Check out these four sports mascots with winning social accounts. Continue reading

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