10 Big CEOs who Tweet

While the majority of CEOs and C-level executives at major corporations have yet to jump fully on the social media bandwagon, there are many who have embraced Twitter and other social channels – becoming thought leaders and important public-facing figures for their companies (read CEOs: 5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Tweet).

To get an idea of what 10 of the Fortune 500 CEOs who do tweet are tweeting about, we’ve aggregated their feeds into a Postano:

Julie Blakley
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2 thoughts on “10 Big CEOs who Tweet

  1. Do you edit the feed? Why isn’t the @mtbert rant with @poop_strong and friends not in the Postano? It’s a pretty big part of the “what are ceos tweeting about” message.

    • Hi Neil. I did not edit the feed, but the Postano is currently set to only display tweets with media (links or photos), which is probably why you don’t see that exchange included.