The Best Social Media Campaigns, Ads, Websites and Videos of 2011

At the end of every year, we’re always inundated with “Best Of,” “Most Watched,” and “Most Searched,” lists. We collectively eat theses up, loving an opportunity to step back and reflect on the year past.

This year is no different, and in effort to make it easy to find and digest all these Best of 2011 lists, we’ve compiled them here.

 Best Social Media Campaigns of 2011

Everyone seems to have their own favorites for the best social media campaigns of 2011, with campaigns from Levis, Old Spice, Volkswagen and more making the various lists.

Our favorite? Fellow Portland company Weiden and Kennedy’s Old Spice campaign revival, including this hilarious video featuring Fabio.

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Best Websites of 2011

The internet has come a long way since the animated gifs and AOL dial-up days of yesteryear, and these days there are some very sleek, sophisticated and downright cool sites out there with powerful technology.

Our favorite? Well, a few of us Postano team members are fully addicted to Pinterest, so we’ll probably give them our award of best new site in 2011.

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Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2011

We loved many of the videos making the list of most-viewed YouTube videos of 2011, especially loving the Ultimate Dog Tease and Volkswagen’s Force commercial.

Here’s YouTube’s list of Top 10 videos via the YouTube blog:

  1. Rebecca Black – Friday (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
  2. Ultimate Dog Tease
  3. Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)
  4. Talking Twin Babies – PART 2 – OFFICIAL VIDEO
  5. Nyan Cat [original]
  6. Look At Me Now – Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes (Cover by @KarminMusic)
  7. The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj & John Waters)
  8. Maria Aragon – Born This Way (Cover) by Lady Gaga
  9. The Force: Volkswagen Commercial
  10. Cat mom hugs baby kitten

>>Which one was your favorite?

10 Best Ads 2011

Many of the same companies, videos and campaigns seen on the other lists in this post, also make an appearance on the best ads of 2011 lists. One ad that we have’t seen pop up on the other lists, is Chopotle’s stop-motion animation sustainable farming ads.

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Most Searched in 2011

Reflecting on the year past, it’s pretty easy to guess some of the most searched terms of 2011. Of course there’s Rebecca Black (who’s music video also was the most watched YouTube video), Steve Jobs, and Casey Anthony.

Here’s Google’s list of most searched in 2011:

  1. Rebecca Black
  2. Google+
  3. Ryan Dunn
  4. Casey Anthony
  5. Battlefield 3
  6. iPhone 5
  7. Adele
  8. 東京 電力 (TEPCO)
  9. Steve Jobs
  10. iPad2

Check out Google’s Zeitgeist 2011: How the World Searched


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