Apple Social-Hub

Anytime Apple launches anything it makes waves. And the launch of the iPhone 6, 6+, and the Apple Watch this September was no different, except for Apple’s digital strategy. For the first time ever Apple created an online social hub where they livestreamed the announcement as well as aggregated user-generated content around the hashtag #Applelive. This was a big step for a company that historically has stayed away from social media. Continue reading

hashtag campaing for social hubs

Whether you are launching a hashtag campaign or want to collect and display content from multiple social networks to feature phenomenal user generated content, a social hub can help you generate record levels of engagement and time on site. With the Postano platform your team can easily launch a social hub with curated fan content from the active social channels you’re using, all with the ability to completely customize the look and feel to fit with your branding. Continue reading

best social media campaigns of summerAs originally published on Social Media Today

Summer may typically be a slow time for marketing but that hasn’t stopped some savvy brands from using this less-competitive time period to launch creative campaigns that stand out. And one of the best ways to get noticed during this marketing lull can be a dynamic social media campaign.

Brands that are smart about leveraging user-generated content are not only driving awareness, but also engagement. But it’s not just about the original social content. Fans in turn are also sharing the best user-generated content, effectively acting as ambassadors for their favorite brands.

Here are five creative social campaigns that stood out this summer:

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Make Social Shoppable

One of the most prevalent questions asked to marketers is the return on investment of social. Brands and individuals alike are constantly striving for more followers or likes, but how does having a certain number of Facebook friends actually create a profit? With competing metrics on the value of a retweet or a follower, many question the actual ability to–or value in–calculating the ROI of social.

User generated content provides the perfect opportunity to connect the dots between fans and brands. A new feature on the scene is shoppable links. By directly adding product attribution to social posts in a social hub, marketers can create an easy path to e-commerce or information pages and make social shoppable. Here are some of our favorite ways to utilize this new feature in any given industry. Continue reading

social engagement
As originally published on Social Media Today.

Everyday people share millions of significant moments on social media, and the challenge often facing brands is how to be included in these shared moments.

After all, the voices of your customers and fans are the most powerful in telling your story to ultimately convert new customers. Here are seven tips for driving social engagement to do just that:

1.  Make it worthy of a user’s timeline

Consider the type of content people share on social media—pictures of their family and friends, memorable experiences, videos that make them laugh, causes that appeal to them…what do all of these things have in common?

People share content on social media that they care about. Continue reading

creative vine videos by brands

With just 6 seconds to work with, Vine users have managed to create amazing results since the platform debuted in 2012, especially with stop motion photography. Many brands have found Vine to be a fantastic way to showcase creativity and let their hair down while connecting with their customers and fan base. The simple, quick, and easily digestible videos are fun for any age and a great way to represent the brand and branded products in a quick dose.

We set out to compile 20 of our favorite campaigns for brands utilizing Vine in innovative and interesting ways. Some of these campaigns are one-offs and others were themes that were used repeatedly, but they all succeeded in connecting with the right vine users. Continue reading

user generated content campaigns

There is nothing hotter in the world of marketing right now than user generated content (UGC) campaigns. Advertising agencies and brands worldwide are trying to tap into the immense power of their fan/customer base and use their authentic and original content to power their marketing campaigns.

Take a look at ten of the best user generated content campaigns: Continue reading

sxsports SXSWWe’ll be recapping the major themes we saw at SXSW this year in three installments, come back tomorrow for Part II.

In its first year as part of the SXSW Interactive and Film Conference, SXsports shown a spotlight on the growing convergence of sports, technology, innovation, and entertainment. Owners of professional sports teams, media personalities, digital and sports executives came together to discuss every aspect of the sports industry, from developing the in-stadium experience for fans to how leagues are using social media in new ways to tell stories.

With over 30 sessions in 3 days, I wasn’t able to make every #SXsports session but here is my “highlight reel” of the sessions I enjoyed the most. Continue reading

insta-fame (1)

In a world of Google Glass models, search engine optimization specialists, and professional tweeters, the technology and social media landscape of 2014 presents the workforce with a number of unique opportunities. There’s no denying that social media has become completely integrated into our lives. Almost all company websites direct you to their Twitter stream or Facebook page, and you can’t go to brunch without seeing someone filter and hashtag their french toast. Yet for some, snapping Instagram pics has become their livelihood; enter “Insta-Famous” fashion bloggers. Continue reading

Best Snapchat campaigns

Snapchat is a hip, relatively new messaging app that combines the convenience of photo messaging with the peace of mind knowing your messages are permanently deleted moments later. Brands have recently recognized the new communication medium as an opportunity to use in their marketing campaigns and have began “snapping” accordingly. Continue reading