Nine West Case Study: Focusing on Digital to Help Tell the Brand Story

In an effort to update its brand story and up its “cool” factor, Nine West set out in 2010 to reinvent its digital and social marketing strategies. The largest brand under the Jones Group Inc. umbrella, the $1 billion brand sells shoes and accessories in both stand-alone stores, online and through retail partners throughout the world.

As part of the renewed marketing efforts and attempts to update the brand story, Nine West has been heavily focusing on digital since 2010 – where is has a strong presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and other channels.

Nine West started working with Postano in 2011, in an effort to help propel their social and digital engagement. The fashion brand has used Postano in several different ways to help amplify their message online, leverage user-generated content and help tell their brand story.

Visual Social Media Monitoring Dashboard

social media monitoringYour brand is not your company name, logo, or tagline. Rather, your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. In “Why Content Marketing is the New Branding” author Frank Strong writes: “As marketers, we try to convince customers and prospects to generate content about our brands. In other words, to talk about us.”

Finding and engaging with user-generated content provides authentic insight for your social media marketing efforts and product development.

Nine West uses an internal dashboard to watch for consumer sentiment about everything fashion: accessories, nails, shoes, clothes, etc. Nine West searches how their loyal consumers are using and wearing their products and what their brand advocates are talking about the most. Using a visual internal dashboard powered by Postano also helps Nine West forecast upcoming trends, or inspiring new campaigns and products for the upcoming season.

Integrating User-Generated and Social Content into an eCommerce Site

integrat social media website Adding user-generated and social content alongside product pages allows brands to incorporate consumer content and perception of the brand alongside eCommerce actions. Using Postano, social communities can be deeply integrated into a brand’s website, allowing a consumer to easily view social content while remaining on site and with the ability to share content to their own social networks.

In addition, adding social media and socially relevant UGC can also help drive conversion. Integrating social media into websites encourages users to engage and share, amplifying the brands’ presence in third-party social networks. This tight integration between social media and owned properties provides continuity that builds the relationship between companies and their users in the digital space.

Nine West is using Postano to power a social hub right on their highly trafficked eCommerce website, under a tab they’ve called the “Social 9.” Here, the team at Nine West curates the best content from their community and own social channels (via the internal dashboard), and then pushes that content directly to their public-facing website in real-time.

The social hub page was for a time the second most trafficked page on the Nine West website, after the “Shoes,” tab, has a high time on site and engagement numbers, and a low bounce rate – often driving people directly from that page to conversion elsewhere on the site.

Incorporating Social and Digital Marketing into In-Store Displays

social retail displays This focus on digital and social has also spilled into Nine West’s flagship retail store on Lexington Avenue in New York City, where the brand is using Postano to power real-time social displays right in the store. A recent feature in Women’s Wear Daily (download the full story), addressed the innovative social displays in the revamped retail location:

“Digital has been a priority since 2010 and the brand is active on Facebook — where it’s on track to reach 1 million fans this season; Twitter; Pose; Instagram, and Pinterest. Keeping in line with this innovation, an interactive column was installed in the center of the flagship that will allow for mobile checkout and display visuals from the brand’s social feeds.”

Using Postano to pull in real-time social content from visitors to the store, Nine West is bringing interactive engagement from behind the screen into an in-person retail experience. Encouraging those visiting the store to Tweet and Instagram their experiences while shopping help promote the creation of more user-generated content as well as amplifying the brand message.