Music Festivals and Social Media: Postano at PDXPopNow

The Postano team spent its weekend rocking their faces off at PDXPopNow, a local music festival that took place at RefugePDX in Southeast Portland. Once the team got their media badges and projection screens were set up, they were busy listening to live jams and nerding out with real-time social media displays showing all the greatest user-generated content with the #pdxpopnow hashtag.

PDXPopNow is an annual music festival that celebrates and supports the talented local Portland music scene. The show is free and open to all ages, and the impressive turnout took part in jamming and tweeting all weekend long.

Postano In Action

Postano had four screens around the event that pulled in all content tweeted and Instagrammed to #pdxpopnow. The live updates from the crowd kept the energy buzzing, encouraging social media participation and engagement; and even helped make #pdxpopnow trend in the Portland area. Not only were attendees hyped on the 45 bands playing throughout the weekend, they also got to enjoy free Vitamin Water and nom-worthy food carts, and see their tweets and photos instantly appear on the social media screens around the venue.

Cloudy October's set, @ComplexVisuals

Cloudy October’s set, @ComplexVisuals

PDXPopNow was a ton of fun, but it wasn’t all sipping Vitamin Water and discovering new favorites. You could find Postano team members either crawling around in the venue’s loft adjusting the projector, glued to monitors backstage moderating content or running around between sets.

Why Social Media Event Displays?

Real-time social media event displays are both fun and exceptionally beneficial for your brand. The live displays engage audiences both visually and through social media, allowing them to have a tangible sense of interaction not only with the rest of the attendees, but with your brand as well.

Bands jammin’ with Postano @BrukeGetachew

Mark Burgess said it best: “Hashtags function like a lighthouse to attract Twitter users to content that may be of interest…[they’re like] your very own parking space in the Twitterverse.Hashtags also allow individuals not at the event to follow it in real-time and potentially still engage with others that are physically there.

Benefits of Real Time Social Media Displays

By using social media and pairing it with event displays, it’s the equivalent to uncorking the special ’07 reserves that social media platforms have to offer; like ways for attendees to communicate with one another, broaden their engagement, share info and simply have fun by hitting the ‘send’ button.

Waiting to see their tweets!

With Postano, you can aggregate content from several social media sources (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), or simply just hashtags or users; making it incredibly easy to aggregate all relevant content from an event and present attendees with a visually interesting way to both follow and participate.

Check out to see all of the tweets from last weekend.