Postano for Events: Curating Real-Time Tweets about Portlandia

Last Friday, the Postano team was very excited to be a part of the keynote panel at WebVisions in New York City. Partnering with our friends at Oregon Film, we created a Postano that pulled in live tweets with the hashtag #portlandia, which was then displayed on the big screen behind Portlandia stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.

As big Portlandia fans in the office (how can we not love a show that pokes fun of the Postano team’s home base), our fanboy/girl moment when Fred Armisen turned around mid-panel, looked at the Postano on screen and said, “Wow.” He then proceeded to read several of the tweets from the screen, and when he saw one from an audience member, he asked the audience to claim the tweet (@rpmkel took credit for the tweet).

We loved seeing the way people interacted with Postano, and how it brought the conversation happening online about Portlandia to life. Because Postano was able to curate all tweets with the #Portlandia hashtag, and then extract the media from behind the tweet (photos, links, videos), it provided a visually compelling, rich-media display to go along with the presentation.

Here are a few snaps we took at the event. The Postano on screen is in the background:

>>Want to see what people are saying about Portlandia on Twitter? Check out the Postano with real-time tweets about the show and learn how Postano works.