Integrating Social Media into Your Big Day: Hashtag Displays at Weddings

social media displays at weddingsInstagram, Twitter and Facebook have all become increasingly important ways to share all kinds of memories and photos with family and friends, and this most certainly includes one of the biggest days for a lot of couples – their wedding.

According to surveys by the magazine sites Brides and The Knot, tech is on the rise in the world of weddings, with 65% of couples now setting up special sites to manage RSVPs, stream video of the ceremony and-or reception, and keep guests in the loop.

But for many couples, there has not been an easy way for them to aggregate all of their friends and families’ Instagram shots, Twitter updates and more that they are sharing from the event.

And in today’s social media and technology-integrated world, more and more couples are creating custom hashtags for their big day, and encouraging their guests to live tweet and Instagram nuptials.

A few weeks ago, I talked with a couple who had not only encouraged their guests to share photos and tweets from their big day via a custom hashtag, but who also used Postano for Events to create a live social media display that they projected at their reception.

As guests snapped Instagram photos and posted to Twitter, Postano aggregated the content and updated the live social media display in the reception hall.

I spoke with Kyle and Alison Greenen about what inspired them to make social media, and Postano, such a prominent part of their wedding day:

social media + weddings

What inspired you to incorporate social media and your guests’ photos/posts into your wedding day?

The inspiration for a social-media-friendly event came from a discussion with the ceremony where we were trying to figure out how to get people to have us (bride and groom) to kiss without the conventional clinking of glasses, story telling, etc. We decided we would try to have people tweet a memory and then it evolved into having a live-tweeted ceremony. I found Postano from doing a Google search and fell in love with your product.

How did the social media display enhance your event?

The social media display was a hit. We had it running the minute people walked into the reception hall and until dancing was finished at the end of the evening.

Guests told us they loved talking about the posts; it was a great icebreaker. The feed also encouraged those who weren’t too familiar with Twitter or Instagram to get one of their own and try it out! (Even my father did, he has NO other social media experience).

Overall it was a great tool for creating, sharing, and putting instant memories into one aggregated location, which our guests can see for a while even after our event. I think of it like an instant wedding photo book. Priceless.

social media + weddings

Did you prompt your guests to post photos/tweets to the hashtag? 

We gave to each guest at their table a card that asked them to be a part of our day in a unique way. We instructed our guests to tweet a memory or share a picture then hashtag it with #YouTweetTheyKiss which then prompted our DJ to read their ‘handle’ and the quote and ending with the hashtag, and then we would kiss.

It was comedic and a blast! Our guests overall loved the evening and really liked all the little touches, including the Postano feed. Thank you for helping make our special day extra special!

Julie Blakley
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