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It’s amazing with the rise of the Twitter hashtag (read the recent blog post “The Twitter hashtag is the New Neon Sign”) and the use of social media at events you don’t see more interactive social media displays at conferences and events. Even highly connected, digital and social media conferences are often lacking any display that shows some of the conversation and energy happening on Twitter and in the social media world surrounding a given event and/or conference.

As Mashable author Maeghan Edelstein writes in “How to use Social Media to Enhance your Event,” fewer people take advantage of the “low-hanging fruit” social platforms offer for events- like ways for attendees to “communicate with each other, broaden their participation, share information and have fun.”

So Why Aren’t More People Displaying Social Media at Events?

 In a few words – because most people aren’t aware there are affordable, elegant options that allow you to aggregate, style and display all of this great social media content in one place.

I was recently at a University of Oregon alumni event (#goducks), during which they had a Twitter search with the event’s hashtag projected on a screen at the front of the room. However, every several minutes, the presenter was forced to refresh the page in order to see the most recent tweets. It was cumbersome, hard to read and it seemed like almost no one paid attention to it.

Postano could have easily solved the problem by streaming tweets in real-time, no refresh required. The engaging display and customization options also allow for you to style social media content to make it easily viewable and digestible (and meet brand standards).

**In fact, at next month’s networking event, they will be using a Postano to display live tweets. Check it out here.

Why Social Media Displays for Events

Postano solves many of the traditional problems faced with presenting live social media interaction during events. The platform’s ability to aggregate, style, and unpack the media behind tweets is what makes it such a powerful tool for harnessing the power of social media at conferences and events.

 1. Aggregate Content


Postano has the ability to aggregate content from a wide variety of social media sources, including Twitter hashtags, users and mentions, Facebook, Insatgram users and hashtags and more. This makes it super easy to aggregate all relevant content from an event – pulling in both official streams and conversations/photos based on the event’s hashtag.

We were at SXSW this year, and for the mega-event we created a microsite that aggregated all of the tweets with the #sxsw hashtag. According to Simply Measured, SXSW generated over a half million tweets. During SXSW, the Postano was a continuously streaming, interactive and incredibly fun site to watch.

>>Check out the SXSW social media display


Coachella heated up the social media sphere recently, especially after a hologram of Tupac performed live on stage with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Partly because the Postano team was mourning the fact we were not at Coachella in sunny Palm Springs, and partly to show off how awesome Postano can be at capturing the energy around an event, we created a Postano aggregating the official Coachella feeds (Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter), along with any tweet and Instagram photo with the #coachella hashtag.

>>Check out the best way to follow Coachella on social media

Our favorite tweet about the Coachella Postano:

Flirt Cosmetics

Flirt Cosmetics used Postano to help energize an event announcing their partnership with popular New York fashion blogger, The Glamourai. Aggregating tweets from the event hashtag (#flirtwiththeglamourai), The Glamourai’s own feeds and Flirt Cosmetic feeds, the microsite displayed all of the social media updates in real-time at the event, providing a beautiful and engaging way to energize the launch.

 >>Check out the Flirt social media display

2. Visualize Social Media

According to Simply Measured, 41% of interactive SXSW tweets contained photos, which was the most popular content shared during the entire event. However, with traditional Twitter streams, only a maximum of 140 characters and a short URL appear – making all of those photos, links, videos and more, a click away and not viewable.

Part of the magic of Postano is it’s ability to “unpack” the media behind tweets. Whether it’s a photo, an image from a linked article, or a video, Postano dives behind those short URLs in Twitter to display the media. This makes Twitter a far more visual, engaging, interesting and captivating experience – especially for displays at events.


3. Drive awareness, engagement and energy around an event

According to an article by Murk Burgess, live tweeting at events using a designated hashtag is a great way to generate buzz before, during and after the event. According to Burgess:

More and more promoters are communicating their unique event hashtag to generate buzz before, during, and after an event.  For example, tweeting to a unique hashtag while at an event is a great way to locate participants you may want to meet.  The recently concluded mega social media conference, South by Southwest, used the hashtag #SXSW.  Participants at SXSW generated literally thousands of tweets within just a few days.  People who were interested in this event but couldn’t attend followed the #SXSW hashtag to see what was happening in real time.  Read more about the high energy dispensed at South by Southwest via David Berrkowitz’s article “What SXSW Attendees Need the Most” from Media Post Publications.


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  1. Looks like you have some great examples of featuring social media at an event. As a photographer, I’ve worked with some clients to do interesting things featuring the event photos during the event – we can use photos created earlier in the day or week and project them later in the week as well as push those images online so that we can get attendees buzzing about the imagery. While I do it with photography, I’m sure there are other ways to involve vendors to keep the social media channels alive for an event.

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