Social Media Monitoring Across Industries [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter has over 170 million active users, Facebook claims to have 950 million people using the service in a given month and even Google+ now boasts 100 million active users.  With these huge numbers of people worldwide using social networks to share news, sentiment, and thoughts every single day, there is a huge potential to use social media to monitor political sentiment, the stock market, public health and more.

In fact, research shows that analysis of public mood can sometimes reflect the Dow Jones, can help predict political polling data and can even quickly pinpoint epidemics and flu outbreaks.

In this infographic, designed and researched by our own Marri Gamard, we take a look at how the extensive amount of data gleaned from social media can be used as an effective monitoring tool across industries and for different purposes.

social media monitoring

Julie Blakley
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