The Socialympics: The Olympic Games Social Hub

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or in a media vacuum), you are well aware that the 2012 Summer Olympics is getting ready to kick off with opening ceremonies on July 27 in London. You’ve probably also heard about how this year’s Summer Olympics will be the first social media Olympics (or, as some are calling it “Socialympics”).

With social media having exploded in the last four years since the Beijing games, this year social media outlets are sure to be buzzing with news, photos, fan adoration and commentary on the Games.

There are now 900 million Facebook users and 140 million Twitter users worldwide, and many of those millions of people are sure to share status updates, team hoorahs, pics and more via these social channels.

In fact, this year both Facebook and Twitter have made official deals with the International Olympics Committee and NBC in order to offer real-time coverage of the Games via their social networks. Twitter is even getting into the media business, embedding its own staffer with NBC’s social media team in London.

The Olympics hashtag (aggregated on our Olympics social hub) will also appear on screen during television coverage, NBC said. Twitter will be visible offline as well. The London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel dominating the skyline, will light up each night based on the sentiment of Olympic tweets, creating a life-sized socal media mood ring of sorts.

With all of this buzz about the Socialympics, we couldn’t help but want to use the aggregating power of the Postano platform to curate and visualize all of the great Olympics social media content.

olympics social hub

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Julie Blakley
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