Internal Dashboard, Social Media

Digital content is replicating at an exponential rate, and cutting through the clutter is becoming more and more challenging everyday. With 100,00 tweets, 571 new websites created, 347 new blog posts and 48 hours of YouTube videos being uploaded EVERY MINUTE, the era of big data has arrived. Trying to cut through the noise and discover the best content pertinent to your business and industry can be an overwhelmingly daunting task.

By implementing an internal dashboard as part of your social media marketing strategy, it allows you to easily surface the most relevant content as well as curate and share the best of that content to your own social networks with just one click.

An internal dashboard can be one of many things: social media command center, corporate social media hub, social media monitoring dashboard or a content curation station. Whatever its function, there are optimal business and marketing benefits that come with using a visual monitoring tool.

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THE “REAL” SWITCH In the “days before digital” (DBD), brands could overcome the lack of interesting content by simply “yelling louder and more often”; during DBD, captive TV or Radio/Print audiences had no choice but to pay some attention to … Continue reading