Building Brands, Integrating User-Generated ContentWith the number of people on social networks continuing to explode (according to eMarketer, there will be 114.5 million user-generated content creators online by 2013), the opportunity for brands to leverage content created by consumers in marketing efforts will continue to grow.

Especially when backed by the evidence that millennials are more likely to both share brand experiences online and are more likely to have purchasing decisions influenced by both anonymous user-generated content and word of mouth from people they know, the importance of integrating user-generated and social content into marketing campaigns and websites is going to be paramount in the coming years.

>>See which brands are getting it right in 5 Best Social Media Campaigns with User-Generated Content

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Today’s society is constantly plugged-in and becoming more selective of how and where their time is spent online. As a result, companies are forced to find new ways to adapt their digital marketing strategies in order to tap into consumers’ attention span and keep them engaged.

One Solution? Gamification.

Gamification is the use of game design techniques, thinking and mechanics to enhance non-game contexts. In short, it’s the process of merging the fun of gaming with the benefits of social media.

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We gathered some interesting information on reality versus perception for Facebook brand pages. There are some surprises in here, including how few people have actually gone to the trouble of “unliking” a page, as well the differences between why customers actually like brands on Facebook versus why marketers think they do.

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The Postano team is headed to San Francisco this week for the All Facebook Marketing Conference June 28-29. The AllFacebook Marketing Conference aims to give an inside look at Facebook innovations and monetization issues impacting today’s top digital media and marketing experts. Learning from real-world examples and case studies, the Postano Team will get a sneak peek at the latest Facebook tools, apps, demographics, research and advertising opportunities.

We’ll also be speaking at the event. Postano’s VP of Marketing, Cliff Torng, will be speaking on a panel – Facebook pages: Using Content and Conversation to Build Community. Cliff will be talking about leveraging user generated content and how to use Postano to visualize content from other social networks on Facebook. Besides catching Cliff talk all about Postano and leveraging user generated content, we’ll also be attending panels to get the latest scoop on Facebook and social media marketing trends.

Where to find us:

June 29, 2012 9:45 am at the Westin San Fransisco Market Street

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>>Find Cliff Torng and Julie Blakley on Twitter if you’d like to connect.