I was at SMX Advanced last week in Seattle, where I learned a ton about the latest in search marketing, social media and the intersection of the two (I also got to watch Danny Sullivan go on an epic rant). It wasn’t all that long ago social media marketing was separated from the world of SEO and SEM. But with recent changes to Google’s algorithm, which punishes those using black hat methods and reward content with good social signals (read- the most shares), social media has become an integral and important part of building a brand’s online presence.

Not only is social media in many ways the new way to link build, helping brands get links back to their content from third party sites, but content with a high number of shares is also a key factor in search engine algorithms for determining search ranking.

Read more of what we’ve written in the past about how and why content marketing should be an integral part of any digital marketing strategy:

While I’m certainly not going to post the extensive notes on everything I learned at SMX Advanced, here are some of my key learnings from my time in Seattle:

Social Media


The last few events and conferences I’ve been to, everyone has talked A LOT about Pinterest. The new-ish social network has taken off and gained million of users and now us internet marketing folks are trying to figure out the best way to use it.
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I just returned from SMX Advanced in Seattle, where I learned a ton about the latest in search marketing and social media marketing (and got to hang out with some of my fellow search geeks).

Oh, I also got to see Google’s Matt Cutts speak about Google’s latest algorithmic changes and what it means for us search marketers. For your viewing pleasure, here’s a hilarious video featuring some of Matt’s finer moments:

Make sure you tune back next week for a blog post with all of my key learnings from SMX. In the meantime, you can download our Social SEO Whitepaper. It’s got tons of great information on using social media to help link building and improved SEO.

For those who want to catch up on all the social media happenings from this week’s Search Marketing Expo Advanced (whether you’re there or want to follow along remotely), we’ve created a Postano aggregating all of the official SMX social media profiles, Twitter hashtags and Instagram photos in one place. It’s almost like being there in person.

If you are attending SMX this year, make sure you hunt down Julie Blakley, who will be representing the Postano team in Seattle. Send her a tweet at @jetsettingjulie.