tiffany social media display

The Postano social media display at the Tiffany & Co. Tumblr launch event (photo from Sara Zucker @sbz)

Postano’s visual aggregation power has been used by a multitude of different clients across different industries as a great way to pull in and display content from a wide variety of social media sources – including user-generated content based on hashtags.

In fact, Postano’s ability to aggregate and display live content from Instagram and Twitter hashtags has made it a popular choice for those looking to create customized social media displays for events.

Tiffany & Co. chose Postano to power an interactive social media display at an event kicking off the jewelry company’s new Tumblr page.

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Nowadays, an event can’t be planned without strategic communication blueprints for social media, content and engagement. When planning an event, the goal should be not only for attendees to walk away enlightened, but energized as well.

So, how can you ensure they’ll leave invigorated?

Social media is a valuable and powerful tool in helping to power and energize events. And with its increasing popularity, social media is being used in different ways to fit the needs of different events.

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It’s amazing with the rise of the Twitter hashtag (read the recent blog post “The Twitter hashtag is the New Neon Sign”) and the use of social media at events you don’t see more interactive social media displays at conferences and events. Even highly connected, digital and social media conferences are often lacking any display that shows some of the conversation and energy happening on Twitter and in the social media world surrounding a given event and/or conference.

As Mashable author Maeghan Edelstein writes in “How to use Social Media to Enhance your Event,” fewer people take advantage of the “low-hanging fruit” social platforms offer for events- like ways for attendees to “communicate with each other, broaden their participation, share information and have fun.”

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