The Postano team spent its weekend rocking their faces off at PDXPopNow, a local music festival that took place at RefugePDX in Southeast Portland. Once the team got their media badges and projection screens were set up, they were busy listening to live jams and nerding out with real-time social media displays showing all the greatest user-generated content with the #pdxpopnow hashtag.

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While I have been a Twitter lover since joining the platform waaayyyyy back in 2008, I fully understand how Twitter can be totally overwhelming, confusing and daunting to those who may just be getting started – especially if you are attempting to use the social platform for social media marketing purposes.

That being said, when managed correctly, Twitter can be an immensely helpful tool for monitoring industry news and updates, connecting with influencers in your industry, connecting with potential customers, and developing a brand personality and awareness.

Here are 5 tips for getting the most out of Twitter:

 1. Do Some Groundwork

Before you throw up a Twitter profile and start tweeting, it’s essential you first do some legwork in order to get the most out of your Twitter efforts.

First, establish a strategy and list of goals. What are you hoping to achieve through Twitter? Brand awareness? Sales leads? Better customer service?

I wrote about how figuring out your audience is essential to develop a content marketing strategy, and this is a concept that applies to Twitter as well. Figure out what audience you are hoping to connect with on Twitter and then outline what kind of content that audience would be interested in.

Next, you’ll want to make sure your profile is looking up to par before you start following people and tweeting. Make your Twitter profile look professional and presentable. If you haven’t already, do the following to perk up your profile:

(1) Write a snappy, intriguing, relevant bio (keeping SEO keywords in mind).

(2) Upload a pic of you or an avatar that appropriately represents you.

(3) Customize your page’s background and colors or design a custom Twitter background.

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