Postano Social Media Display at Tiffany & Co. Tumblr Launch Event

tiffany social media display

The Postano social media display at the Tiffany & Co. Tumblr launch event (photo from Sara Zucker @sbz)

Postano’s visual aggregation power has been used by a multitude of different clients across different industries as a great way to pull in and display content from a wide variety of social media sources – including user-generated content based on hashtags.

In fact, Postano’s ability to aggregate and display live content from Instagram and Twitter hashtags has made it a popular choice for those looking to create customized social media displays for events.

Tiffany & Co. chose Postano to power an interactive social media display at an event kicking off the jewelry company’s new Tumblr page.

social media displays for eventsThe event display featured two distinct Postanos. One column aggregated and displayed Instagram shots from event guests marked with the hashtag #TiffanyTumblr as well as photos from the official Tiffany Instagram account.

social media displays for events A second column featured Twitter content from both the official Tiffany & Co. Twitter feed as well as any tweets marked with the same #TiffanyTumblr hashtag.

The center column of the event display featured rotating images from Tiffany & Co.’s new Tumblr page.

Luxury Daily covered the Tiffany Tumblr launch party as well, and included these photos of the Postano social media display in the article (credit perna), “Tiffany enhances social prowress through Tumblr blog.”

instagram and twitter event displayOther examples of Postano social media displays:

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