Live Twitter and Instagram Feeds for Events

twitter and instagram feeds for eventsSocial media has become an integrated and integral part of any big event – whether it’s an industry conference, music festival, wedding or football game. And, if you’ve visited our blog before, you’ve probably read about how social media displays for events can be a great way to energize the crowd, source user-generated content, and encourage people to tweet and Instagram away.

However, while Twitter and Instagram tend to be the go-to mobile social networks for those engaging online while attending that rock show, conference panel or other event, there are few services out there that allow you to aggregate content from Twitter and Instagram and display it as an attractive live feed – either on your website, or as a stand alone display.

Enter Postano. Postano is one of the few platforms that allows you to pull in a live feed of Instagram photos and Tweets, fully style and customize the look and feel of the content and then display the result to online or in-person audiences.

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We’ve had several clients use Postano to display Twitter and Instagram live at events. Here are a few examples:

Keen Footwear

twitter and instagram displays

Keen Footwear used Postano to aggregate Instagram and Twitter photos for a recent marketing promotion centered on Worldwide Recess Day. Keen urged users to tweet or upload their Instagram photos with the hashtag #Take10 to show how they were spending their 10 minute recess break and then awarded one winner every hour a free pair of Keen shoes.

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live social media display

Peter Yared of CDS Interactive poses in front of Postano social media display at BoxWorks


BoxWorks is a large cloud computing and technology conference in San Francisco who recently used Postano to aggregate tweets and Instagram photos with the hashtag #BoxWorks and display the live Twitter feed at the event. The display proved to be an engaging and attractive live display, drawing people into the booth and encouraging them to engage online.

Pantene Pro-V

aggregate instagram and twitter

Pantene Pro-V used Postano to display tweets and Instagram photos at a recent launch event for a new line of hair care products in Los Angeles. Aggregating content from Pantene’s official channels in addition to anything with the hashtag for the event, Pantene then displayed the live feed of social media feeds on screens around the event.

Hillsong Conference

aggregate live social media feeds

Hillsong, a Christian-based organization with churches and worship centers across the globe, holds annual international conferences featuring top Christian leaders and music artists.

Hillsong used Postano to socially engage their Sydney conference attendees through user-generated content containing the hashtag ‘#HillsongConf’ throughout the four-day event. The visualized aggregation of tweets and Instagram photos from the event was displayed both onsite and brought into their website, allowing even those not at the event to keep up with all the energy and buzz surrounding the event.

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