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twitter display events If you’ve ever been to a conference or industry event, you’ve probably been one of, or seen, the many people furiously taking to Twitter to live tweet what’s going on. Often, instead of giving speakers undivided attention, many people tune in online and immerse themselves in a crazy Twitter tornado of conversation about what is happening. (I’ll fully admit, I’m on these people, and often find myself live tweeting at events).

Using a dedicated conference hashtag (which I suggest in 12 Tips for Effective Hashtag Marketing) makes it easy for both those at the event and those following online to keep up with the best points being made, key learnings and more. In addition, after a speaker finishes his or her presentation, they can look back and read the audience’s thoughts and comments – and then incorporate some of that feedback into the next presentation or in a follow up blog post.

So, the question is, why not display this conversation live? There are a few services that allow you to do just that, and Postano is probably one of the easiest, most customizable ways to do so.

twitter display events By aggregating live tweets based on a hashtag, Postano allows you to project a conversation on a wall or screen at your event. The audience can then live-tweet questions to a speaker and those in attendance can get a quick snapshot of the buzz and conversation surrounding the event, encouraging audience participation, promoting the event and more.

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Here’s a look at a few conferences that have used Postano to display live tweets at an event:

Hillsong Conference

twitter display eventHillsong used Postano to socially engage their Sydney conference attendees with user-generated content tweeted to the hashtag #HillsongConf throughout the four-day event. The visualized aggregation of tweets and photos from the event was displayed both onsite and brought into their website, allowing even those not at the event to keep up with all the energy and buzz surrounding the event.

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Webvisions New York

twitter display for eventsAt Webvisions in New York, Postano was used to aggregate and display real-time tweets with the #portlandia hashtag during a panel with Portlandia actor Fred Armisen. Fred even interacted with the live Twitter display during the panel, commenting on one of the audience tweets that showed up during the event.

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PDX Pop Now

twitter display events Live tweets and Instagram photos with a promoted hashtag were displayed at a bar for a music festival kickoff party in Portland – capturing all the real-time buzz surrounding the bands and events and encouraging attendees to tweet and promote the event. The hashtag went on to become a trending topic in Portland that night, in part due to the live Twitter display at the event.


twitter display events

Peter Yared from CBS Interactive poses in front of the Postano display at BoxWorks

BoxWorks is a large cloud computing and technology conference in San Francisco who recently used Postano to aggregate tweets with the hashtag #BoxWorks and display the live Twitter feed at the event.

Flirt Cosmetics

twitter display events Flirt created a custom hashtag for their launch party (#FlirtwithTheGlamourai), and used Postano to aggregate and visualize all of the hashtagged tweets. The interactive and engaging real-time display was shown on large monitors throughout the event, where guests could see their own tweets and photos being displayed in real-time.


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