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Social Aggregation

From Aggregation to Activation

Postano integrates all the major social networks, allowing you to easily aggregate fan content wherever they decide to share it. Organize all of your hashtag campaigns and see the content stream in one unified dashboard.

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Calculated Content Curation

Not all social content is right for your brand, and our powerful curation platform gives you total control on which posts are on-brand and approved, and which ones don’t make the cut.

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Content Curaiton
Fan Engagement

Visualize Fan Engagement

Our dynamic visualizations make social content look incredible. Every display, from web embeds to event displays, is styled to match your branding and achieve your social objectives.

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See the Value of Social

Data is the backbone of any social campaign. Use our analytics dashboard to see how your hashtag is performing, where your fans are coming from, which social network has the most traction, and so much more.

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Social Analytics
Social RFID Technologies

Create Social Experiences

Postano has partnered with FISH Technologies to change the way that brands can engage fans at events with registration, badging, and social sharing experiences.

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