The Comprehensive View of Your Entire Brand

The Postano Command Center (with patent pending technology) is an immersive display that weaves together social & business data.

The Postano Command Center puts big data into visual context.

See Beyond Your Silos

There is no better way to see the big picture of your company than with a Postano Command Center. It is the backdrop for discovery for an organization and allows different teams to bring their data to the table to share and spread awareness across silos. Command Centers can bring together many divisions of your company and encourage collaboration once people can visualize and gain insight from multiple data sources.

Collaboration Canvas
The Postano Remote

Command the Room with a Tap of a Finger

The Postano Command Center is easily controlled with any smartphone or tablet as a Mobile Remote, a natural yet revolutionary interface. The Mobile Remote makes it super simple and intuitive to navigate around different sets of social and marketing data. Anyone can easily add new dimensions, bring up the results of your latest hashtag campaign or display real-time sales data on-the-fly, all with the tap of a finger. Designed with executives in mind, anyone can walk into the command center and seamlessly take control of the room.

Actionable Insight from Social Data

Visualizing social data is the fastest way to actually see what is going on with your brand. The Command Center gives you an unprecedented view of the real-time content and feedback your customers and fans are giving you.

With this information at your fingertips, the Command Center empowers you to unlock new patterns and correlations that ultimately lead to actionable insight into consumer trends and drive campaign strategy.

Social Data Sources

A Command Center Fit for Your Brand

Postano Command Center’s are designed for your brand and business needs. We design the on-screen visualizations around your business structure, active campaigns, and data sources you already use and combine it all into one amazing view.

Postano Analytics

The Command Center can be customized further with additional data sources like Salesforce, Sysomos, Klout, Google Analytics and others to provide new dimensions and insights. The result is an impressive display that is not only a functional business tool, but also a visual showcase of your entire brand.

Postano Command Center
Flexible and Scalable Solution

A Flexible and Scalable Solution

As your business needs, goals, and campaigns change throughout the year, the Postano Command Center can scale and change with you. Unlike other set-it-and-forget software, Postano scales at the pace of business, allowing brand managers and executives to add social streams and keywords on the fly to respond to business needs, seamlessly integrating into the existing social media and marketing ecosystem.

Additional Postano Command Center Features

8K+ Resolution

Supports 8K+ Resolutions

Works with the latest display technologies

Multiple Layout Configurations

Multiple Layout Configurations

The Command Center can be configured with different arrangements of displays to fit any room


Compatible with Existing Hardware

Seamlessly update your Command Center with our technology

Custom Branding

Custom Design and Branding

Tailor the visual style to align to your specific brand elements

Smart Streams

Postano Smart Stream Technology

Easily customize and edit API calls with Boolean Overrides

Intelligent API

Ad Hoc Dimensions

Simply type in a new dimension name & the Command Center will stream in all the approriate data from multiple social networks


Built on the Postano Visular™ Platform

A powerful and modular toolset of charts, animations and visualizations

Discover how the Postano Command Center will Impact Your Brand

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