Social Media at Events - Postano
La Kings drove their fans wild with a social display after a win at the Staples Center.
Social Media at Events - Postano
User-generated content to enhance the shopping experience at Nine West's flagship store.
Social Media at Events - Postano
Shoppers are greeted by the dynamic social wall at the entrance of the famous Chelsea Market in NYC.
Social Media at Events - Postano
Immersive event displays in Rodan + Field’s social command center at the RF Summit 2014.
Social Media at Events - Postano
Curated hashtag displays at the Futurestack13 conference in San Francisco.

Postano Displays

Display social at your events & light up your audiences

Sports fans, conference-goers, attendees – whatever you call the people who show up to your events, they are all amazing advocates for your brand. Whether they are posting speaker quotes to Twitter, Vining 6-second snapshots of performances, or Instgramming photos (& videos) of magic moments, they are creating incredible brand content.

The Postano 2.0 Platform makes it easy to capture the best content and display it in beautiful and engaging ways.

Transform your retail store with digital social screens

Many retailers find that content shown at in-store displays grows stale quickly, but the effort required to constantly generate new content is a time consuming and costly proposition.

With Postano, retailers can dramatically enhance the customer experience by visualizing live, social activity from fans across the web and in the store. Our retail customers have noticed a totally new dynamic with their shoppers when they see their photos displayed on an interactive wall. Our moderation tools ensure that nothing is displayed without your consent.

Each installation of Postano Retail is unique. Our user experience designers can work with your team to dream up just the right brand experience for your locations.

A Style for Every Brand Experience


An animated visualization, the Myraid creates a large, infinite canvas of tiles featuring social content. Horizontal and vertical animation then pans to focus on one social tile to another – or choose the descent, in which content “falls” in from the top of the screen as it fills the display. Videos from Vine are also played in-line.

Ideal for:

Communities, multi-day festivals, conferences, and nationwide events.


This visualization option transforms tweets and other text-based updates from social networks into dynamic letterpress style posters – creating art out of 140 characters.

The ideal display for showcasing Twitter content, our letterpress poster will become the centerpiece of discussion at your event or retail location with everyone questioning how you made tweets look so good.

Ideal for:

Conferences, corporate offices, galas, and other events.


The perfect visualization option for photo focused social content. Our Billboard visualization uses smooth animation to pan across a single photo and caption one at a time.

If your audience is capturing magic moments with photography, Billboard will highlight their content and inspire more engagement.

Ideal for:

Large event spaces, photography-based campaigns, massive displays.

Single Rotate

As our most eye-catching visualization yet, Single Rotate features a video-compatible background and dramatic fly-in effects to wow your fans. Text only and photo-based posts are shown one-at-a-time, giving all your fans a chance to be part of the fun.

Ideal for:

Stadium and arena videoboards, large event spaces, photo and text campaigns.


Both image and type animate in a way that is subtle but eye-catching. Perfect for hashtag campaigns with big, bold images.

Ideal for:

Image driven campaigns, large screens.


Perfect for showcasing a #hashtag with a product image, this three-column scrolling visualization focuses on multiple pieces of social content at a time.

Ideal for:

Multi-network displays, image and type campaigns, small and large parties.


This dynamic visualization will accomodate events with high-volume of posts. It showcases dozens of photos at a time. One-by-one, each photo opens into full-detail view in the center of the display, giving each attendee a moment in the spotlight.

Ideal for:

Large indoor displays, conferences, multiple-day events.


This is our standard visualization option in which social content is tiled in staggered vertical columns. New content refreshes at the top automatically.

Brands like Zagat and Guess have used this display style to highlight amazing brand and fan content centered around food and fashion.

Ideal for:

Content from many sources, small event spaces and corporate settings.


Our talented team of designers and UX engineers can create custom, imaginative and stunning visualizations that match your event, brand and/or vibe you’d like to capture.

Dreaming of something unique for your brand? Talk to us and we can create something unique.

Ideal for:

Branded events, product launches, customer conferences.

Equip your displays with centralized moderation

The Postano platform is unique because its intuitive interface and power. Curation and moderation of any and all displays are centralized. Filters are also there to help you do more in less time.

Learn more about Moderation

Postano Displays at a glance


    Using a hashtag specific to the event can inspire more engagement and even help the event trend in your area and garner more attention from those not in attendance.


    Your team will be able to moderate content on the fly with our Postano mobile app with the help of our profanity filtering option.

  • Fits on any HD screen

    No matter the size, Postano visualization displays will fit any HD screen.


    No matter which visualization option you use, create displays that are completely customized to match the look and feel of your brand and space.


    All social content you choose to display will come into the Postano platform’s social dashboard so you can always stay on top of what’s being said about and by your brand.

  • creative services & technical support

    Our dedicated team will help ensure that your displays are perfect from training to implementation to activation.

  • promote products & sponsors

    Create custom ads or promotions to drive external initiatives, featured partners, sponsor content, and more.

  • Easy to deploy

    Your visualization will live in a URL. All you need is a screen, internet access, and a browser to display social.

  • Hashtag participation

    Display fan-content through hashtags from Twitter, Instagram, and more with confidence.

One Platform to do it all (and more)
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