Every Fan Has A Story

Fans, conference-goers, attendees – whatever you call the people who show up to your events, they are all amazing advocates for your brand. Whether they are posting speaker quotes to Twitter, Vining 6-second snapshots of performances, or Instagramming photos (& videos) of magic moments, they are creating incredible brand content.

The Postano Platform makes it easy to capture the best social content at your event and display it as a beautiful and engaging social display.

Make Social Media Standout at Your Event

The best way to encourage your fans to participate in the social conversation at your event is to showcase fan content on a social media display. Your fans are already creating this content, why not feature and encourage everyone else to participate?

You will see a tidal wave of great content once your attendees realize their tweets and Instagrams can be featured on a giant screen or display. Not only are they sharing the event to their social network of friends and family, they are using your call-to-action and hashtag as they become brand advocates and evangelists of your event.

Portland Classic Tower
Essencefest Social Display

Social Displays that Fit Your Brand

There is nothing more important than your brand and every Postano social display is custom designed to match the branding and feel of your event. Our Experience Design teams will work with you to design a social media visualizations that blends in perfectly with the aesthetic of your experience. We’ll take the fonts, color palettes, and visual components of your brand to make user-generated content look like gorgeous brand posters. Your fans will be amazed at how awesome their tweets and photos look.

Showcase Brand Messages with Interstitials

Guide the conversation of your event with interstitials that display a custom message at select intervals in-between social posts. Thank a sponsor, feature a hashtag, or display the event schedule; whatever information you want to share can easily be integrated into a Postano social display.

Interstitial Messaging

Highlight fan content with a social media display at your next event.