Postano Command Center

Organize and Catalog Social Streams

Once you add streams, the Postano dashboard gives you complete flexibility to organize your social streams as you see fit. Group content into categories to track multi-platform hashtag campaigns or view all of your corporate accounts in one aggregated stream. Easily segment content by market, vertical, product line, or whatever makes sense for your business.

Destop Command

All your social content in one place

Mobile Remote

University of Virginia’s Command Center, with Mobile Remote, allows them to see the entire gameday conversation.

Even with the surge of analytics and reporting tools for social media, understanding what is being posted across social media networks by your team or your fans can be challenging. By aggregating and visualizing social content, Postano’s Command Center allows you and your team to consume large quantities of content across networks in real-time, even enabling you to respond, retweet, and interact with your fans.

Our customers are using Postano Command Center to keep global teams in sync, during executive meetings, at conferences, and even displaying it on monitors in the office creating a digital water-cooler.

  • Visual Insight

    Visual Insight

    Postano dives behind links in tweets to show you all the latest content alongside Instagram photos, Facebook content and more.

  • Realtime

    Real Time

    Don’t miss any content. New content will appear in your dashboard in real-time as it’s created and posted. Monitoring social during a big game or event? Postano will ensure you keep up with the latest posts.

  • aggregation


    Postano’s platform allows you to pull together content from 15+ different content sources. Easily visualize content from Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Vine, and more all in one place - saving you time and energy.

  • on brand

    On Brand

    Each dashboard can be customized to match the look and feel of your brand.

  • moderation


    Once you’ve aggregated content from a wide variety of sources, you can easily reshare content via your own channels.

  • hashtags


    See everything your community and brand fans are posting by aggregating and visualizing user-generated content based on hashtags from Instagram and Twitter.

  • mentions


    Instantly visualize all the social mentions of your brand in one, sleek dashboard.

  • remote

    Mobile remote control

    Quickly and easily change the content displayed in your command center with the use of our mobile remote control. By simply hitting a button from your smartphone, you can instantly see the social content in your command center display change.

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