Social Media Hub - Postano
Social Media Hub - Postano
Belkin's Lego Builder Case campaign.
Social Media Hub - Postano
O-I's Glass is Life campaign.

Postano Hub

Your content, ready for the modern web.

Whether you are launching a hashtag campaign, want to curate and display user-generated content, or want to aggregate content from multiple social networks, our Postano Hub can help you create record levels of engagement and time on site. Our platform allows you to easily create the right mix of social media sources, configure display options (like only showing posts with photos or videos), and curate and moderate fan content to ensure your Hub is on-brand.

  • flexibility

    The power of the Postano platform is flexibility. With CSS you now have unprecidented ability to brand your content. Responsive layouts, custom width and height, type, color, allow you to integrate Postano like never before.

  • Control

    Once you’ve styled your Hub to fit your brand, implementing the Postano Hub on your site is a snap. With the new CSS embed you can easily control how content is displayed, refreshed, and navigated with scrolling and refresh options.

  • Curation

    The Postano Platform gives you access to all your social channels. With that much content most platforms become difficult to manage. With Postano’s blacklist, de-duplication, and ordering options, you can easily curate the stream of beautiful content on your page.

What you css is what you get

Literally. Our powerful platform visualizations can now easily be customized with CSS. It’s a simple feature that your developement team will love.

Whether you want to make simple changes to our beautiful templates or create something completely original, CSS is a perfect fit. It’s what we use and we think you’ll love it too.

  • Aggregate

    Aggregate & Curate

    The Postano Platform allows you to aggregate, curate and moderate content from 14 different social content sources – including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Vine, Facebook and more.

  • Mobile Brand

    Customize Design

    With customized CSS, your team now has full control over the look and feel of your Postano Hub. Whether you want to make simple changes to one of our templates or create something totally original, CSS makes it all possible.

  • Deploy

    Easily Deployable

    Our powerful platform can aggregate and display content from variety of sources in any environment. With just a few easy steps you can have a social hub on your website, campaign microsite and/or mobile site.

  • mobile

    Mobile Ready

    Built with a completely responsive design, the Postano Hub looks equally great on mobile phones and tablets as on a desktop computer.

  • Mobile Megaphone

    Promote Content

    Create custom ads or promotions to drive external initiatives, feature partner or sponsor content and more.

  • Visitor

    Keep Visitors on-Site

    With Postano’s new lightbox feature, we allow visitors to your site to see, interact with and share your best social content all without leaving your website.

  • Engagement

    Inspire Engagement

    Customize social sharing buttons on each post to encourage users to engage and share the best content – amplifying your campaign and increase reach and awareness easily.

  • Facebook

    Custom Facebook Tabs

    Having a hashtag campaign or contest you’d like to promote on Facebook? With Postano Hub you can easily embed curated content in a custom Facebook tab on your brand page.

  • Real Time

    Real-Time Updates

    Easily configure your Postano Hub to refresh automatically so new content gets streamed into your site in real-time.

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