Make your Event Attendees feel like Social Media Rockstars

Bring the conversation at your event to life by showcasing your attendees’ tweets, Instagrams, and social content on social media displays.

With the Postano Platform you can:

  • Provide a frictionless way for attendees to participate and increase the visibility of your event.
  • Promote a dedicated hashtag on a social media display and see which speakers or events are attracting the most social attention.
  • Curate the content so every post displayed is on-brand and enriches the experience for attendees.

Attendees no longer just want to listen to speakers, they want to participate.

Future Stack 13

New Relic

Developer Conference:
hashtag Participation
Event-wide Displays

Featured Content:
New Relic Social


New Relic created their first user conference this past October, Futurestack, to bring together developers, technologists, and creatives to imagine and help craft the future of modern software. New Relic used Postano’s typographic visualization to make the best tweets from the conference look gorgeous on 20ft screens in the main conference room alongside keynote speakers.

The social media displays helped spur social activity and discussion around the conference and contributed to the over 2,000 uses of the #FS13 hashtag.

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Deliver Year-Round Engagement with a Social Hub

Keep your website fresh with social media content and engage your attendees through a dynamic social hub. A social hub is a great way to proactively educate attendees on your #conferencehashtag and visualize the conversation throughout the whole year around your event.

From the moment registration opens to speaker announcements to the last happy hour of your event, capture the buzz around your conference and proudly showcase it on your website.

Create Value for Sponsors

Our platform provides several ways for you to integrate sponsors into your conference’s social media activation:

  • Display interstitials that feature sponsor or vendor logos on social media displays.
  • Sell the naming/branding rights of your social hub and social media displays.
  • Add attribution links to posts on your social hub to point to sponsor products.
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